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Various Systems

Various Systems

Temporary Staffing System

The Temporary Staffing System is a system where temporary workers are dispatched to a company (client) for work after executing an employment agreement with a temporary staffing agency. Supervision and instruction regarding the work will be provided by the client.


  • Human resources can be managed in response to the increase and decrease in the amount of work.
  • Higher expertise can be expected.
  • The employment adjustment is easier.
  • The fixed expenses can be reduced.
  • Regular employees are motivated.
  • Labor force can be easily secured.

Temp to Perm System

The Temp to Perm System is a system that combines temporary staffing and employment placement. The service dispatches personnel to be directly employed by a company. After observing the work performance during the temporary staffing period, the company may directly employee the person if a mutual agreement between the company and the person is reached.
The period of temporary staffing is up to six months. If a mutual agreement is not reached within that time, the company does not need to employ the person.


  • The personality and skills of personnel can be judged during the temporary staffing period.
  • Risks associated with hiring personnel can be reduced.
  • Direct employment is based on a mutual agreement.

Outsourcing System

The Outsourcing System is a system where we receive an order for work, complete the work, and then receive payment for the work. The employment relationship is established, and supervision and instruction are provided by the dispatch company.


  • Order receipts for the short term can be promptly handled.
  • Flexible staffing and shifts are possible in response to the increase and decrease in production.
  • Management costs for payroll accounting and social insurance are not required.
  • There is no time limit.

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