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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We hereby declare that we will comply with the following privacy policy in response to the advanced information society and provide customers with safe and secure services.

  • We shall comply with laws, regulations, and rules governing personal information.
  • We shall collect personal information after specifying the purposes and obtaining the consent of the person to whom such personal information belongs.
  • We shall use the collected personal information within the scope of the purposes set forth in the preceding paragraph and shall not disclose nor provide personal information to any third party without the prior written consent of the person to whom such information belongs; provided, however, that this shall not apply to the following cases.
    1. When the management and protection of personal information are based on a confidentiality agreement
    2. When personal information must be provided to financial institutions to confirm the account number
    3. When the disclosure of personal information is required by law
  • We shall properly handle personal information as described below. We shall conduct periodic inspections to ensure the efficiency of the handling procedures and shall review, maintain, and improve the procedures in order to respond to the current social and company conditions and technological development.
    1. We shall develop a compliance program that meets the requirements of laws and regulations and shall provide employees handling such personal information with proper education.
    2. We shall take all technically feasible measures regarding information security in order to prevent loss, destruction, tampering, leaks, and unauthorized access to personal information.
  • We shall promptly handle any inquiries regarding personal information and any requests for the disclosure, amendment, and deletion of personal information and shall maintain personal information as accurately and up-to-date as possible.

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